We The People: The Story of the United States Constitution

Last update: August 26, 2016

Benjamin Franklin
  • Statesman, Philosopher, Inventor
  • 1st Postmaster General
  • Creator of the Lending Library
  • Established the very first Volunteer Fire department in the United States in Philadelphia in 1736
  • Sage of the Constitutional Convention
  • At age 81, Oldest Delegate to the Convention

George Washington
  • Father of Our Country
  • President of the Constitutional Convention
  • 1st President of the United States

James Madison

John Jay
  • Co-Author of
    The Federalist Papers
  • President of the Continental Congress
  • Ambassador to Spain and France
  • Author of Jay's Treaty
  • Leader of the Federalist Party
  • 1st Chief Justice of the
    U.S. Supreme Court
  • Governor of New York
  • Abolitionist

Alexander Hamilton
  • Aides-de-camp to George Washington during the war
  • Co-author of
    The Federalist Papers
  • 1st Secretary of the Treasury