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Polio Vaccine: 50th Anniversary, 1955 - 2005

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Last update: June 10, 2005

Jonas Salk
First to come up with a vaccine for polio.

Polio Virus

Albert B. Sabin
Created the first oral polio vaccine.

What is Polio?:

About Jonas Salk:

About the Salk Vaccine: (Killed Polio Virus)

About Albert Sabin:

About the Sabin Vaccine: (Oral Polio Vaccine Using Live Polio Virus)

John Franklin Enders

Frederick C. Robbins

Thomas H. Weller
Enders, Robbins and Weller successfully cultivated the poliomyelitis virus in tissue cultures.
This made it possible to study the virus in a test tube. They were awarded the Nobel Prize in
Physiology or Medicine in 1954

Simon Flexner
Isolated the polio vaccine for laboratory study

Ross Granville Harrison
Developed the first animal-tissue cultures and pioneered organ transplantation techniques

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd President of the United States
Contracted polio at age 39 while vacationing in Campobello Island in Canada

Other Contributions:

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